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OLD_Our Story


We are Ana and Joe, parents of 5 wonderful children. As full-time working parents, we have struggled with being able to get creative around fun-yet-educational activities for kids.  We found that in many of our children’s activities, life skills were long lost and forgotten. We took it in our own hands to create a kit that does just that: help our children develop important life skills through fun and play.

As an international family, we thought the best way to bring lessons to life would be through world exploration. We value the importance of culture and community in our home, and we know there are many families who feel the same. The kits came from our own desire to bond with our children inside the home while still teaching them about the world around us (but do it away from a screen!). 

We have hand-selected each activity in the kits, and our kids have tried them all in our own home as well as with our friends and family.  The activities are intended to help your children build important life skills - like sewing, cooking, problem-solving and many others - and reinforce lessons from critical learning areas like science, math, engineering, the arts, music and language.

As parents it's amazing to watch your child learn, and we don't always get to witness it firsthand like educators. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and families.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!


From our little hands to yours, welcome!

Ana and Joe

Co-Founders, Parents of 3 Biological Children and 2 Foster Children