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Collection: 3D Puzzles

Construct A Highly Detailed Little Learning Hands Architecture Replica of The most recognizable landmarks of the world
- Little Learning Hands is committed to bringing high quality innovative products that will deliver on their promise and satisfy all tastes and needs.
- 3D Puzzle of World most famous buildings will bring our beautiful planet to your home with realistic 3D Globe Puzzle allowing you to explore it up close.

Ideal for anyone in your life
- Enjoy quality family time - a perfect opportunity to interact and have fun with family improving bonding and connectivity
- Great for kids to build spatial recognition, hand-eye coordination, following directions, logical thinking, and focus
- Fun for kids, teens, and adults alike
- Relieves fatigue and prevents dementia by training hand-brain coordination

Best Gift for any Occasion
- A perfect gift for any occasion: Christmas Gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, Birthday gifts, B-day gifts, Anniversary gifts for him or her.

Build your own 3D Puzzle of the World Globe
- The Globe 3D puzzle includes 35 pieces made of Paper and EPS foam board of high quality. Each puzzle is numbered, you just need to assemble it step by step with our detailed Illustrated instructions.
- Follow the instruction on the booklet to build your jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle piece is numbered.
- Detach those pieces you need for each step during the assembly, to make sure every piece can be clearly identified, do not pop out all pieces at once.
- Punch out all the holes before assembly
- Exercise your patience when assembling the puzzle. Don’t force pieces together as this may damage the product
- It takes about 100-120 min to create this model without any need for other tools or glue. The assembled size is 5.5 x 5.5 x 13.4 in

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