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The Benefits of Educational Toys and Activities

The end of the year is quickly approaching and that means wishlists are bound to be made. Just one look at the toy aisle and your little one is certain to shout something they can’t live without.

“Paw Patrol cars!”


“Barbie at the beach!”

There’s certainly nothing wrong with gifting these types of toys to your children, but there’s also a benefit to having a healthy mix of activities for them to choose from at home. That’s because toys are more than just fun and games for children—most provide at least some opportunity to learn. Too much of the same type of toy and their attention spans may dwindle. The advantages and motives to buy educational toys for children are endless—and thankfully, they are readily available.

When choosing a toy or activity for your child, consider ones that engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Oh, and of course, opens their mind to the world around them. Not only will these types of toys and activities have a benefit to you as a family (keeping you close and spending quality time together), but it supports the development and education of your child.

Children learn more than we realize from playing—and what they choose to play with now will make a huge difference later in life. When you give your child educational toys and take time to play with them, not only does it give him or her a chance to bond with you, but it also provides for an enriched learning opportunity and family fun. And, when education is made enjoyable for children, it helps them retain the things they’ve learned and fosters a positive attitude toward learning.

Not convinced yet? Here are some additional benefits to gifting educational toys and activities:

Keep Their Interest
No child learns the same. While one child excels visually, another learns by doing. Once a child finds something that catches their interest, their desire to complete the activity will follow. Through this, they learn inadvertently.

Take Brainpower to the Next Level
In-depth understanding of a particular topic or skill takes learning and practice. Toys and activities that encourage learning and are based on an educational topic are designed to increase knowledge, retention power and creativity.

Up the Ante on Social and Emotional Development
Let’s be clear: learning toys and activities aren’t meant to be boring or mundane. Find the right ones and they will not only be beneficial from an academic perspective, but also will aid in the overall growth of your children. By participating in challenging activities, sharing with others and learning leadership skills, their emotional and social self will start to flourish. It’s a boost of pride, confidence and collaboration.

The World Is Their Oyster
Still stuck on what gift to give? Little Learning Hands educational subscription kits are designed to teach children about the world around them, both near and far. As a recent finalist for the Toy of the Year Award, there’s no doubt the impact that these types of activities can have on your children. Through games and activities, your child can develop valuable life skills and a deeper understanding of the information they’re learning through traditional education. The Global Welcome Kit takes young learners across the globe, stopping in each of the seven continents, exploring oceans and learning more about our planet.