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5 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

You know the phrase all too well: “I’m bored.” Every parent dreads it—and every parent tries hard to combat it. Making it through cold and dreary days during the winter can be a struggle for anyone, let alone a family with children. And as tempting as it may be to turn to a screen for entertainment when the idea well has run dry, consider these simple and easy ideas for engagement instead:

Master the Fort
Nothing says indoor fun more than the quintessential pillow fort. Put on your engineering hat and grab everything in sight—couch cushions, blankets, kitchen chairs … the works. The building process can be just as fun as curling up with a good book or some popcorn after its built inside together—it’s the ultimate cozy respite.

Dial Up the Imagination
A sled that’s really a pirate ship? A bed that’s a racecar? Carpet that’s lava? There’s nothing quite like stretching your imagination—and children often come up with some of the best activities by simply utilizing it. No matter what you choose as a family, go all in. Turn that rug into an ice-skating rink and strap on your skates—there’s nothing quite as wonderful as pretend play.

Game Night
Whether you create a scavenger hunt throughout the house for items you already own (ex: find a pair of socks, a TV, etc.) or bust out the classic board games (hello Monopoly!), get into the competitive spirit and you’ll quickly forget you’re stuck inside. Boys vs. girls … kids vs. adults … pick your teams and get ready to win.

Create a Taste Adventure
With a simple Google search you can find hundreds of kid-friendly recipes. Create a short list and invite your littles to help cook and bake. Assign the girls of the house to appetizers while the boys tackle dessert. Collaborate on the main dish and you’ve got a three-course meal on your hands! Pretend you are food critics as you eat, notating new flavors and textures that are well-loved. And, of course, don’t forget your aprons!

Show Off Your Artistic Side
Challenge your children to create their own art gallery, complete with titles for each piece. Encourage them to experiment with different mediums (and don’t be afraid if things get a little messy … it’s waterproof paint, after all!). Display all creations throughout the living room and ask each artist to give a brief description of their piece and the inspiration behind it. Not only will your walls be full of masterpieces, but you’ll tap into their cabin-fever creativity, too.

Running Out of Ideas?
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